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WEED TRADER is interested in knowing how medical cannabis has helped you. Share your Patient Testimonial with us.  Email a completed Patient Testimonial Form to  info@highcali.org

WEED TRADER has been working with patients , and now serves more than 25,000 patients per year. We are one of the top provider of medical marijuana  in the UNITED STATES, and will soon have a national clinic presence.

“Medical Cannabis lessens the daily pain I endure. It helps me to sleep.” R. B.,WEED TRADER (PATERSON, new jersey)

“Medical Cannabis has immediate results when used. Pain Management is much more tolerable and enjoyable.” WEED TRADER CLIENT (TUCSON, ARIZONA)

“Medical Cannabis helps with anger, anxiety and chronic back pain. You guys are doing a great job. Thanks, ” – C. P.,WEED TRADER(MIAMI, FLORIDA)

“Medical Cannabis helps me to digest my food better and helps with my movement. I’m a cancer patient and I couldn’t move without medicating. WEED TRADER has done a great job for me. Thank you for the three great years of service!” – S. R.,WEED TRADER CLIENT(AUSTRALIA)

“Medical Cannabis helps me with a variety of issues, from my ADHD to back pain. I think it’s a good alternative to taking stimulants to control my ADHD, and habit-forming drugs for my pain and my anxiety. I would recommend it as a viable alternative to taking prescription drugs to many people.” –WEED TRADER CLIENT (LYON, FRANCE) 

“WEED TRADER is timely, helpful and kind.” – WEED TRADER  has helped me tremendously in pain relief. I feel that WEED TRADER is excellent and provided me with all I need.WEED TRADER CLIENT (WIGAN,MACHESTER, U.K)


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